Price List

How much do you charge for custom art?

Each job is unique, so I can't give you a price for my art before learning more about your project. After we talk about your vision, size, details, and everything else, I'll send you a competitive quote.

Do you offer any Discounts?

As a small business, currently the only discounts I offer, are for referrals or if you have a lot of stores you need me to paint. Typically, if you let me display my flyer in your window, I'll take $50 off your quoted price. Times are tough! But if I do my job right, you'll garner much more business with my enticing window paintings. 

What is your process?

First step is I'll need a photo of your business window. I can google that in most cases, but if you have a bunch of ads or flyers in your window that you'd like me to avoid, It's helpful for me to design something around those things so I don't accidentally block what you want to display. Once I have your photo and a rough idea of what you're interested in, I will digitally paint an example on your window for approval. I won't paint anything until I have your approval. Once I have that, I'll schedule a time that works for you and the weather, and drive to your location to paint. Just reach out again when you're ready to either update or remove and that service is also included in my price. 

Can you work in the Rain?

This all depends on if your window is exposed to the rain or not. While my paint dries firm and will not be affected by the weather after it dries, it must first be given the opportunity to dry without water interference. This means, that even if your window gets a little drizzle on the glass.... I will not be able to paint it properly until the rain stops. This time-table includes dry time. 

What's the best way to contact you?

The best way is through my website, however I'm also on Instagram, Facebook, and you are also welcome to email me at [email protected]. When contacting me, if you send me a photo of your windows you need painted, I can quote you much faster. 

How does one become a Window Artist?

I was originally commissioned to paint a window for a local Great Clips store, and I loved it so much that I decided to build my own business around it and my pet portraits. My whole life I've dreamt of having a creative job like this, but once I realized I could build it for myself I couldn't wait to get started. I've been at this now for a bit over a year, and I couldn't be more thrilled to serve the businesses of Western Washington with my art. 

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